Thursday, November 20, 2014

"LuLu Lemon is going to break me."

If you have an obsession with LuLu Lemon like I do, it's bad. I don't understand why I always catch myself going back to their website, but I do. I'm not one that can order one pair of running compression pants and call it a day....I literally have 8 or 9 items hanging out in my shopping bag and that's just a bad, bad thing. With all the running I have been doing, plus with the abundant amount of cold weather we have had, I NEED WINTER RUNNING CLOTHES. If you asked me in the Spring and summer to see my "warm" running clothes, I could open three dressers full of stuff...I still plan to run even after my half marathon is over on the 6th, so I want some items that I can use through the months of December, January, and February. Here are some things that I just feel I "need."

I love everything about this jacket. Plus it is stuffed
with 800 fill power goose down. This jacket would
DEFINITELY keep me warm in the extreme
winter months when I'm running outside.

I love these running pants because they are not 
your particular "black." I would love to have these
in several different colors. 

I need a new pair of black compression pants, too.
My other ones have pink on them. 

I had my coldest run last Saturday and took a scarf 
with me. I am SO, SO glad I did. If I started breathing
in too much cold air, I could pull my scarf over my face
until I was breathing normal again. I love, love this
one because it can be worn several different ways,
and comes up high around your neck and face. 

Lets be honest.... I have zero running gloves.
I am not really quite sure why either because my hands
are ALWAYS the first thing to get cold. I love that they
are fleece, so they keep you extremely warm. 

I love, love, love this idea. I like beanies, but I can
never put my hair in a ponytail because there is no 
hole to stick your pony tail through. With this one,
you can wear it both ways! Genius! 

Maybe I need to do some Christmas shopping for myself this year!


Georgia Glam said...

Adding that hat and scarf to my Christmas list! There is a running path right by our new house and I don't want to wait until it warms up to start running again! Thanks for sharing :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love that beanie! Genius!