Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Wish List

The list is small this year because let's face it....I'm going to Fiji for Christmas with my husband. I don't want  anything else! ha! My Mom did ask me what I wanted this year, and I would love to have things I can take on our trip! Here is what I'm asking Santa for:

I really want a camera this year, so I can take it on our trip!
I'm tired of using my I phone for pictures. 

I need a new I phone so bad. I would love to have the big one.

This will be perfect as a carry on bag PLUS
as a beach bag. I think I definitely will get some
great use out of this bag. 

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Georgia Glam said...

My Christmas list is quite practical this year as well.... North Face rain coat. New mattress for the guest room. A charge account at the Home Depot haha! You will truly love the camera. I got a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas last year and I still love getting it out of the bag every time when I use it :)