Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Children & Time

     A couple of weeks ago, I kept my favorite kiddos from Wednesday-Sunday. Their parents had a work trip in Laguna, so I got the privilege of hanging out with them all week! We had a great time, but I was WORN out come Sunday night. It's exhausting. I don't know how some of you moms do it! I worked on Thursday, but took Friday off. Getting up Thursday morning and getting four children ready alone is a TOUGH,TOUGH job. I was thankful I took Friday off, so I got to stay in my pajamas and get kids ready for their grandfather to come pick them up. The youngest is 6 months old, so she requires a lot of attention.

      Sunday night, Sam and I had a late dinner to just rewind from the weekend and spend some time together. I'll admit, I'm selfish with my time and my schedule. I like to be able to go and do as I please. But can you blame me? I'll only be 26 in September! I know ALL of that changes once I bring children into this world. At this stage in our relationship, Sam and I are really enjoying ourselves as a couple and trying to travel as much as we can! We plan to take SEVERAL trips in our first year of marriage. Sam and I have talked about having children soon after we are married. We have a big gap in our age, so we don't want to wait too long!

    Sunday night, we actually brought up the conversation. People ask us OFTEN, "How long before kids?!" I hate that question. Don't ask people that. Do you really even know a specific date? It's rude and tasteless. Now that we are engaged to be married in five months, the talks are starting. When? How soon? How long? What will we do? Where will we live? All of these questions cross our minds. Don't get me wrong... Nothing makes me more giddy than planning my future with my amazing groom, but it also scares me. I pray everyday for my selfishness. I hate to admit it, but I want him all to myself. I don't want to share his time. I want to have impromptu date nights, sleep in on Saturday mornings, and drink too much wine on the weekends. So, when? When will I be willing to give up my freedom? Or do you just kind of jump head first and take a leap of faith? All of these things cross my mind as we scoot along on this journey together.

    But.... There is a but! ha! At the end of the day, as scared and nervous as I may seem, I am so ready to travel through life with this man and call him the father of my children. I know it won't be easy, and I know it's going to be a long road, but he's the ONLY person I would ever consider doing it with....And that's all that really matters, right? :) Who knows when we'll eventually take the plunge and decide to try, but I DO know this...With God's perfect timing and putting our trust in him, we'll be ready in no time! :)

   I leave you with pictures of my weekend. :)


A Simple Southern Life said...

You said it all in the last line.. God's timing is perfect! There is no rush at all.. Enjoy the freedom girl! I know I sure am!

Ashlea Pate Benz said...

You brought me to tears sweet Brit! God will bless you both with a child when the time is right. And you're also right to enjoy such spontaneity now! You'll make such wonderful parents! Blessed to call you friends!