Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap..

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was relaxing...I didn't have much going on. When I got home on Friday, I was exhausted. We both decided to stay home. We ordered a pizza, opened a bottle of wine, and relaxed. We cheered on our Grizzlies and enjoyed laying on the couch. I also finished Safe Haven! I loved it! I can't wait to see the movie!
Being silly on Friday night. I love snapping
photos of random evenings at home. It's the
ordinary days that matter after all... ;)
My boy.
Saturday morning, Sam went to the office to work for
a while, so I headed to my parents house to watch the
Tigers game. Luckily, we won, but it was questionable
in the beginning... After hanging out with them for a couple
of hours, I headed to Collierville to return some things
to Gap that I had ordered online. It never fails....
Anytime I go to the store to return something,
I come out with 15 more things...Figures...I left with some
fun new spring tops, coral skinnies, and an adorable pair of
mint broken in khakis...Yes, I just ordered a pair of jeans
in a mint color, but I can't have too many! Right?? ;)

( First off: Please excuse the clothes hanging on the banister.
I was in the middle of doing laundry,
so I had clothes everywhere. ha! )
 Anyway, I stopped by Target on my way home because
S was still working. I browsed for awhile and came
across this adorable bangle set. I bought it to wear with my
MK gold watch. I wore it last night to dinner and LOVE it.
I can't wait to wear it in Florida..
Saturday night, S and I went to dinner at
Automatic Slims around the corner
from us.. We both didn't feel like doing anything after dinner,
so we came home and relaxed before going to bed around 10:00.
Sunday morning, we got up and watched SNL
that we DVR'ed. I never stay up late enough to
watch it, ha! First of all, S and I LOVE JT.
It's not just because he's from the Memphis area,
but because he's a great entertainer! I couldn't
pick a better person to represent Memphis.
Anyway, at the end of SNL, JT came out
with a Memphis hat and t-shirt on. I thought
it was amazing!! I am so glad to see that he
still claims his hometown and is proud to represent.
Sunday afternoon, I caught up on laundry and
got everything ready for the week. I like spending
Sunday at home, so I can get myself organized.
Sunday evening, I made panko encrusted
scallops, summer corn, and asparagus. It was
yummy and healthy! We also watched a couple
of movies on Netflix....
All in all, it was a great weekend!
I can't wait to be in Florida this time next week! :)
How was your weekend? :)

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Morgan Neal said...

Sounds a lot like our weekend! Minus the shopping + alot of school work! It was perfect! So glad you had a good weekend!