Monday, March 11, 2013

Dinner Menu for the Week...

I am going to try my best to start posting what we are having for dinner each week. Here is the list for this week...Enjoy!
Monday Night:
Panko crusted crappie with argula salad

Tuesday Night:
BLT sandwiches made with turkey
bacon, whole grain bread, and
of course... lettuce and tomato.
I am also going to fix some
sweet potato fries..
Wednesday Night:
Kendall Bollen's Coconut shrimp recipe with
home made mango sauce! I can't wait to try this!
Thursday Night:
Turkey burgers! Of course..I am going to fix mine
without a bun because I am trying to lower the
amount of carbs I am consuming.. I am also
going to fix a side of brussel sprouts with this.
Friday Night:
Ground turkey stroganoff!
I am hoping this will help me stay on task as far as grocery shopping.
I won't spend as much!! HA! :)


Brianna Tucker said...

planning my meals always keeps my grocery tab low. We have gone gluten free so I had a bunless burgers on Saturday. We just wrapped them in bib lettuce.

Caroline said...

How do you panko bread?

A Simple Southern Life said...

Yum! Everything sounds so good!

Colleen @ Parties and Cardis said...

Yes - I love meal planning! It saves me SO much money and prevents me from buying random cravings at the store. Please post that panko recipe - looks delicious :)