Sunday, March 10, 2013

Join in On the Fun

 I copied this idea from Caroline, over at Simply Smithwick! Check out her blog! Adorable!

1. People always tell me....You look like your Mom!

2. In the movie based on my life...I don't know a movie off the top of my head, but I have always said my life could be a lifetime movie... ;) If I had to pick someone to play my part it would definitely be Emma Stone, LOVE HER. Sam would be Bradley Cooper or Christian Bale..His personality is a lot like both and they are bot HOT. ;)

3. Typically, I end up regretting....the amount of calories I consume over the weekend. From wine...Oops

4. I always ask to leave off the....olives...YUCK! Or I always ask for the dressing on the side.

5. Kim and Kanye really...need to fall off the planet...Oops...Did I say that out loud??  

6. My Parents always reminded me...what true love really is...They were MEANT for eachother.  

7. Every single day I.....realize how much God has blessed me with a wonderful life and family.

8. This one time in College... My girlfriends and I were having too much fun, so I forgot I left my purse in the Sigma Chi's bathroom with over 3,000 dollars in it..My Mom had just given me all the money earlier in the day for my books and rent...Oops....Luckily, one of my best guy friends picked it up and kept it for the night... Thank goodness for good friends.  :)

9. My grossest habit is...biting my finger nails...I try to keep gel on them, so I won't do that.

10. My latest white lie was...Ha! I'll nevvvvvvver telllll...... ;)

11. I know all the words to..."I like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie.."" Whatttttttt?!! Are you REALLY that surprised? ;)

12. When I grow up...I want to be the best wife and mom I can be.

13. Sexy time is...huh?? What a weird question...I guess date night???

14. I will never, ever... like the McDonald's commercial about their fish bites! It drives me insane!!!! Sam will download it from YouTube to mess with me....grrrrrr

15. I think it's hilarious... When my family gets together... We can't stop laughing...

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Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love Emma Stone too. And yes - the wine always gets me! :-)