Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspired Pinterest Styles and Birthday Celebrations.

I have decided to start putting my Pinterest "pins" to good use. I will start copying/dressing like some of these awesome stylists each week, so it "spruces" up my wardrobe personality. I get tired of the same ole' outfit every week. I am a school teacher, so sometimes it is kind of hard to step outside the box because of dress code, but my school is pretty laid back, so I will copy as much as I can! :) Here are my inspirations for the week:

Wednesday Style:

My look for Wednesday..It's a little bit different because
I do not have bright coral jeans, but these are kind of
coral, but the camera does not do it justice..Oh well!
I am also down 9 pounds...It's been work!!!!
Thursday Style:
My Style...
I changed it up a little because I wanted
to wear this top, but it kind of goes with the look
from above!:)

 Friday Style:
Saturday Style:
I love you OH SO MUCH, S!!!

 Have a great day!! We are having a wonderful meal out tonight for his birthday!


Faith said...

Love all the looks!

I hope that you share your recreations with us!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I need to d this very same thing. Pin less, do more. LOL

Lainey said...
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Lainey said...

I could tell you had lost some weight in an instagram pic you posted! That is so awesome - keep up the good work!