Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap..

We had a wonderful weekend! It was quite busy! Friday night, we went to dinner with my parents. I was in bed early! Last week wore me out! Saturday, Mom and I went to my best friend's wedding shower at Just for Lunch. It was so fun to see everyone. I am so excited about her wedding day. It is coming up VERY soon! I am SO happy to be a part of her wedding day!! Although I am excited, I am missing my other best friend's wedding in Florida...:( I know we will be there in spirit!! Saturday night, I had more showers to go to, but I only made it to one...We also stopped by and saw my parent's at the Steak festival. It was SO fun! I got my picture made with the drummer of Night Ranger!! How exciting is that? :) Sunday, I did nothing...absoutely nothing! It was so nice. Sam and I watched Halloween movies ALL DAY! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

me and the drummer from Night Ranger. I was pumped.

me and S.

Me and Morgie.
Mom, Morgie, me..

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