Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Decorating is on the brain.."

Many of you know, but Sam's condo has been on the market for QUITE some time. We had a realtor for awhile, but did not have any luck. I am not sure what is to blame, but I think a lot of it was the advertising and marketing. It is MUCH harder to sell a condo, in my opinon. You have to let people know it is available! It is SO different than selling a home out in the 'burbs. Anyway, we have a new realtor. I am quite excited about this...He is on top of his game, knows the market, and knows what he is doing. I really feel good about this!  I cannot wait to see what he does to get this place sold! On top of getting the condo relisted, I can't help but wonder WHEN it will sell! I am ready to decorate, have cookouts, be the mother of an adorable puppy, and not have to walk 2 miles to carry groceries in. As you can tell, I am ready for a different scenery ;) This past weekend, I did a lot of browsing...a lot....I have already decorated our whole house...Yes, go ahead....Call me crazy...Sam already has....Until then, I will leave you with this...

I adore the wall with all the frames.
I hope I have a long hallway in my
future home, so I can copy this idea! ;)

I love the idea of double twin beds.
I think it is great for a guest bedroom.
I plan to have a guest bedroom with
a regular size bed, but this would be
perfect for another guest room. It
gives your guests options. I love the

I love everything in this sitting room.
I love whites, pastels, greens, blues, etc.
I love the brightness of this room, but adore
the accent colors even more. I plan to do
something similar to this for my sitting room..

Our master bedroom will be full of WHITE.
White bedding, creams, greys, etc.
I believe a bedroom should be peaceful, calm, and relaxing.
I am sure I will throw in some accent color somewhere, but
I want the majority of it to be whites and creams.

This is the EXACT kitchen table I want.
I want that French Country vibe when you walk in.
I love the white cabinets. I love floral patterns.
I love gingham patterns. I want color...You
get the picture ;)

For the den, I want rustic. I want reds.
I still want that French Country feel, but
would love an old antique wooden coffee table.
I want floral pillows. I want big,heavy drapes, etc.
I want the den to feel very, very comfortable
and cozy..

I love the elegant, classy look of this dining room.
I want simple, but dressy. I definitely want
really FULL drapes.

I found this picture on Pintest and fell in love with
this kitchen. I ADORE those drapes. I must have!

Another view...I love that kitchen table, too.


Table4One said...

I have the double bed guest room pinned on pinterest!!! I love that idea too! I'm getting ready to move into a new place in about a month or so and I cannot wait to create a "spa like" "light and airy" master bedroom too! Needless to say great minds think alike :)

Sara said...

Great photos!

Amanda said...

Love your decorating choices! I'm excited for you that you'll be in a house-house soon! Especially with this new realtor doing work :)