Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Recap...

We had a wonderful weekend. It was definitely not long enough. I am now recovering from last night, finishing up a last min. project, and watching the rain fall...It is definitely a Sunday morning...Saturday morning, we headed out to watch Christin finish her first marathon. She ran in the full 26 mile St. Jude marathon this weekend. She did a WONDERFUL job! Sam and I were so excited to see her cross the finish line with a smile on her face, her arms in the air, and sprinting across that line! She did it and did a WONDERFUL job! She actually looked cute after running 26 miles! How is that possible?! Christin's mother and I both discussed how she's one of the few that can look like that after a long run ;) After her run, we hit up Kooky Canuck downtown, which was fabulous. We had a great time just hanging out! The weather could have not been more perfect! After enjoying Saturday afternoon with Sam, Christin, her husband, and JR's friend, we headed back home to start getting ready for our TWO Christmas parties....Yes, I said two! We were running late as usual, and of course I ripped a hole in my hose while I was putting them on, so Sam had to runnnnnn down the street and pick up another pair..It was horrible! After we left the condo, we sat in traffic for awhile....Go figure....Once we got to our first party, we had a wonderful dinner and visited with great company. We left that party around 9:00, and headed to our NEXT party...It was more of a party, party...There was a band, lots of drinks, and more drinks...;) We are recovering today....Over-all, we had a wonderful weekend. I wore a dress by MNG and wore four inch Gianna Bini suede booties. I was worried about my feet hurting throughout the night, but I made it without any complaints! :) Here are a few photos taken from the weekend:

Christin and her husband, JR.

Me and Christin...( Please excuse the messy hair.
It was super windy and I did NOTHING with it. )

Christin crossing the finish line! So proud of her!

I wore a MNG dress and Gianni Bini
suede black booties.

At the second party...Sam looks scared here. ha!

A little bit better ;)

My brother and his girlfriend, Morgan.

My wonderful parents...

J and Me..He's such a sweetie.

Besides the ugly look on my brother's face and
Sam's cheesy grin, this picture is okay...;)

After a lonnnnng evening..

Wine, Wine, and more wine..

I love this kid...

We had a wonderful weekend....Hope you did, too! ;)


Christin said...

Cute dreds! I like. :)

Southern Twenties said...

New Follower because how could I not follow you with that beautiful red hair!!! So jealous! Love your blog and your hair..haha :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a fun weekend! Your hair looks gorgeous curled!