Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fun!

I hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend planned! I have lots going on, so I am very excited! :) Just wanted to share with you a few "randoms." Happy Friday, y'all!

If you have not tried these, OMG!
They are the best thing since sliced bread.
I had to make myself put the bag away after a
few...I could have seriously eaten the whole bag!

Since we have two Christmas parties this
weekend, I wanted to get a festive color!
I got my nails done yesterday, so I went with
a bright red for the base color and a sparkly
coat for the top. The red coat on the bottom is
by Essie, but I cannot remember the name of
the color to save my life. The sparkly color
is by OPI and I want to say it is called,
"Piggy With It!" Maybe? Maybe not?
I'm sure I'm close though ;)

I found this last week on Pinterest and had to share.
I love word problems, ( call me a nerd.)
I could NOT figure this out. Finally, my boyfriend
explained it to me somewhat, but it was still confusing...
So, I'm doing the honors of letting YOU figure it out ;)
Have funnnnnnnn!

This sums me up in nut shell.
"Give me the wine and no one gets hurt."

Good news! I bought this beauty last night!
I can't wait to wear it this weekend. This
chick looks amazing in this dress, so I'm
SURE I will not look the same, so don't get
too excited...;)


Christin said...

Love your nails!

20 Going on 80 said...

You should not have shown me that Pinterest word puzzle. Now I'm reealll confused! Haha. This is going to bug me until I figure it out! :)

Sarah said...

Okay, now I want to paint my nails red and go get some of those Peppermint Pretzels from Trader Joes!! Happy Friday!

Valerie Griffin said...

ooh that dress is fabulous!!!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

like that dress! take a pic when you wear it!

Whitney said...

Ok, this is how you solve the word problem - if you got $3 change it means you actually spent $97 on a shirt and gave back your mom and dad both $49 back! 49=49=98 not 97 and plus your $1 and your parents $2 = $100


Whitney said...

and also, we have a trader joe's?!?!

Christine said...

I just had those pretzels for the first time a couple days ago, SO good! And that dress is absolutely stunning! So classy and still sexy. Wish I had somewhere to wear a dress like that.... :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Your nail polish is so fun and festive! Hope you have fun at your parties this weekend!

kristen said...

Love the nails!!! So pretty!

I seriously have to pick up some glittery polish for the holidays!! :)

Hope youre weekend was great! said...

I have been meaning to pick up some of those peppermint pretzels!! It may be a good thing though that I keep forgetting...they look dangerous!

little b said...

omg that word puzzle will keep me awake for days!!!