Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

We are going to see TSO tonight. I am BEYOND excited! We have seen them every year for the past three years :) I guess you can say it's our tradition now. I still have NO idea what I' m wearing....My brother and his girlfriend, Morgan, are going with us.. Instead of eating out, I decided to host a dinner and hang out at the condo before the show. Considering the condo is a block or two from the forum, it will be perfect! Here are some of my favorite TSO songs:

Carol of the Bells is my favorite...They alwayyyyyys
play this one! I think it is a lot of people's favorite. ;)

Wizards in Winter is a close second ;)
I love the pop and fast tempo in this song.

I love the beat in this one!! It takes a minute for it
to pick up, but once it does, it's awesome.

I'll post pictures tomorrow from the concert!!! :)


Mrs. Robinson said...

Ahh!! I'm so jealous! I totally love them. They are coming to Charleston, SC in March I think & I'm trying to talk my husband into us going.

He's never even heard them play before. He's heard of them, but never actually HEARD them. He'd love them...I'm so jealous.

& Hey...Thriving Love Thursday is up! Love to have you!

Valerie Griffin said...

sounds like so much fun! have a good time!