Thursday, December 8, 2011

Questions & Answers...

I have been blogging for quite awhile. I blog about fashion, recipes, weekend recaps, movie reviews, etc. I love to write, but the number one reason I write, is so I can look back in months, years, decades; and see how much my life has changed. It is amazing everything that has happened to me since I started blogging. It has turned me into the person I am today :) With all that being said, I am giving my readers an opportunity to send me an email or leave me a comment, if they would like to see me blog about something. The sky is the limit! I am so thankful for my numerous readers day in and day out...I want to do this, so you feel like you have gotten to know me even a little bit bettter! :) It can be a simple question, fashion advice, recipe, question about my realtionship, where I'm from, my hometown, etc. Totally up to you! :) Although I am allowing each and everyone of you to ask me something, please remember there is a line...I cannot cross that line....This is a public blog, and I would like to leave it a clean blog with respectful posts and comments :) My family, close friends, and colleagues read this blog. I would never want to write or blog about something that makes someone feel uncomfortable :) SOO....there ya go!! Have fun and ask away! :)

Delta Daisies


JRW said...

I love your blog!
I see that you are a foodie...and I like to think of myself as one, also!
I was wondering if you could blog about some of your favorite places to dine here in Memphis. (If you already haven't done so!)
My husband is the bar manager at a restaurant here in Memphis, so we are always looking for great new places to go!
Keep up the great blogging!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Do you color your hair?

I have blonde hair...and I love it. And I would look like a complete idiot with red hair, so I'd never color it. I don't have the skin-tone to be a ginger.. but I love red hair. If I could pick any hair color to naturally have, I would pick red. it natural?

I'm aware that's a pretty random question. But I figured I'd try to participate :)

cathleen said...

I haven't been reading too terribly long so maybe I missed it. How did you meet your love and how long have you been together?