Friday, December 9, 2011

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Recap..

We had a WONDERFUL time at the concert last night! The night started out at the condo where I prepared dinner for friends before heading to the concert. It was fun to just hang out at home! The forum is about three or four blocks from the condo, so it was super close :) I prepared a butternut sqash bisque, chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella and pesto, parmesean tomatoes, and roasted potatoes. It was all time consuming to make, but I did it! I love to host parties, dinner parties, etc. :)

Parmesan tomatoes, Roasted potatoes, and Stuffed chicken :)
None of it was cooked yet! ha!

The Butternut squash bisque....:) Yum!!

After dinner, we had a few cocktails and then headed to the concert. It was cold out! I did not get a chance to get a picture of my outfit, but I wore a leopard sweater dress from Old Navy, a black faux fur vest, black scarf, and tall Unlisted black boots from Piperlime. :) The concert was so much fun! I got some good pictures, but the lightning was terrible...sorry in advance :( Also, we set in the VIP Blue Lounge. We had WONDERFUL seats! We usually sit in a box, but we sat in a different section this time, and LOVED IT! 

My sweet twin brother and I enjoying the concert!
Sorry for the lighting...It's terrible!

my boy & moi <3

I love this girl to death...Morgie and me..

After the concert! :)

lightning is terrible, too, but they are adorable :)

Sorry for the upside down video! I can't figure out
how to get it straight...Oh well, you get the idea! ;)

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Faith said...

oh wow! you completely made an incredible meal! i am drooling just thinking of it!

you looked like you had a great time and you looked fabulous while doing it!

have a great weekend!