Friday, December 9, 2011

Memphis' Finest...

I did a blog post yesterday about questions and answers...You are more than welcome to ask me anything, or if you're curious about something, and want me to blog about it, I'll do that, too! :)
JRW said...

I love your blog!
I see that you are a foodie...and I like to think of myself as one, also!
I was wondering if you could blog about some of your favorite places to dine here in Memphis. (If you already haven't done so!)
My husband is the bar manager at a restaurant here in Memphis, so we are always looking for great new places to go!
Keep up the great blogging!

Thank you, JRW! I have actually NOT done a blog post about my favorite dining places in Memphis, so that's a great idea. I love good food. I love to cook..I love to dine out.. I love a good glass of wine...I'm a foodie, what can I say? :) Many of you might have completely different views on the best dining places in Memphis, but these are strictly my opoinoins. :) Here we go
First, I will do a list of my favorite fine dining places...The majority of these places are fairly expensive, and usually require nice attire when attending...

1. Flight in Downtown Memphis...
If you have never been, get here quick.
The condo is riiiiight across the street, so we often
eat here a lot! It's simply amazing...The staff is friendly.
The managers are helpful. The owners are wonderful.
The food and wine is the best....I suggest doing a
flight of three different courses, so you have a chance
to taste everything! :)

McEwen's is one of mine and Sam's favorite. It's also
in downtown area. We love this place. It is so low key, quiet,
and right down the street from the condo. I suggest
the filet with the crawfish mashed potatoes...
They are to die for! Also, I love the salmon. We were there
 for Dining Week a few weeks ago with Christin and JR, and
 we had a sweet potato bisque to start with...OMG...AMAZING!!!
The owner of this restaurant is the best...You can't beat
his personality.

Interim is not downtown. It is in the heart of East Memphis.
We love this place, too..The food is amazing, head cook is
exceptional, staff is friendly and great, and the atmosphere
is very,very laid back. WAY different than dining places
downtown. You can't go wrong with Interim. I suggest
the filet, grouper, and Sam likes the hanger steak?? I
think that's what it is?? :)

Iris was voted Memphis' Favorite restaurant last year.
It is in the heart of Midtown..Midtown really has some
wonderful dining places. If you're not familiar with this place,
take a look at their website. The chef is absoutely the nicest
person you could ever meet. I know his in-laws and they are
just as nice! Wonderful family..If you've eaten here, you know
the surf and turf is the best thing in the menu...ha! I have never
had anything else here, but I have seen other things come
from the kitchen.It is ALL good! It'a bit expensive, so if you
 don't like to spend a lot of money on dinner, save this place for
 a special occasion! :) It won't dissappoint. :)

Felicia Suzanne's is also downtown.
I know you're going to be shocked, but Sam
and I have YET to eat here...It's RIGHT next
door to the condo?? How is that possible?!
It is not because we have not wanted to try it, but
we always go to our "usual" places...( the ones above)
BUT! We are eating here next week for our 2 year anniversary.
I am so excited! I have heard WONDERFUL things about
Felicia Suzanne's...I will give you an update next week ;)

The Grove Grill is in East Memphis.
Wonderful part of town. It is actually in the
shopping mall of Laurelwood. The cook is exceptional!
We love this place...It is usually older people that eat here,
but the bar is wonderful and it usually gets a younger
crowd later in the evenings...So if you do not want to eat
with the "older people," make reservations or come later
in the evening ;) For starters, you HAVE to get the portabella
mushrooms. You HAVE to! They are the best things I have
ever tasted..It comes with a side of soy sauce and spicy mustard.
Simply divine....If you like a quieter atmosphere, The Grove
Grill is your place...I also like the petite filet mignon..Great size
for a girl who does not like to eat a huge steak!

My favorite Burger place:

Huey's...duh...If you live in Memphis
and do not eat at Huey's, there is something
seriously wrong with you...Okay, I'm kidding,
but you MUST go...I love this place.
Also, if you do not eat beef, they have
veggie burgers to take the place :) They also
have a lot of other things on the menu...Great!

Favorite Sushi Lounge:

We love Sekisui in Midtown...It's not in the
prettiest building OR the best part of Midtown,
but the sushi is exceptional. It's the best we have
eaten anywhere else. It beats Blue Fin by a mile and
a half, trust me...:)

Favorite Mexican:

Happy Mexican is downtown.
It is also not in the best part of town, but the
food is amazing! Margaritas are strong, cheese
dip is the best I have ever had, and their fajitas are
amazing..So fresh! I highly suggest Happy Mexican.

Breakfast place:
This goes without saying..Bryant's on Summer
is the best breakfast food you can get in Memphis.
We like The Arcade downtown, too, but Bryant's
is Memphis' breakfast place :)

Chinese Take-Out:
We love this place! Wang's is in the
heart of downtown. We order take out
from this place a bunch! :)

I know this was a very long post, but wanted to touch all my bases...Hope this helps when you and your loved ones are out and about and trying to find a place to eat! :) Thanks, JRW!


Christin said...

Never been to Iris or Felicia Suzanne's :(

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Great post! I'm the same way we always hit up the same old spots in M-town;) I need to branch out some!

Valerie Griffin said...

okay, now I'm hungry! looks like I have lots of places I need to try! Jon & I will have to pick one of those for our 2 yr dating anniversary! YUMMMM :)

JRW said...

Wow! Thank you so much..I've been to some of those places but not all! I can't wait to hear about Felicia Suzanne's! Thank you for doing this!
It looks like we have a lot of the same food favs...especially McEwen's!