Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Reviews...

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. S and I got in several movies during the week long break. Saturday night, we were NOT wanting to do a single thing. We wanted to stay in, relax, enjoy a bottle of vino, and maybe order some Chinese take-out...;) Andddddddddd, that is EXACTLY what we did. We used to go to the movies ALL THE TIME, so most of the movies out on Demand right now we have seen. Here's what we watched Saturday night:

1. Water for Elephants
I love Reese Witherspoon. She is the
cutest thing ever. I loved this movie!
I never read the book, but I still enjoyed
the movie. I HIGHLY suggest this movie!

2. Larry Crowne
I was not sure how I would feel about
this movie. The previews made it look horrible,
but we decided to rent it anyway. I thought it
was super,super cute. It was definitely a renter, but
it was a clean, sweet story. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks
did a great job in the movie. I suggest renting this if
you and your signifcant other are staying in one night :)

3. Super 8
This movie was weird, weird, and weird.
Did I say this movie was weird?? I did NOT
enjoy this movie. I was lost most of the time, was
not sure what was going on with the train, and did not
understand the realtionship between the characters. I
do not suggest this movie at all..

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Valerie Griffin said...

Super 8 was one of the WORST movies I've ever seen! And it got great review..I just don't get it. Definitely weird!