Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cheeba the famous Cat...

If you do not know, my boyfriend has a cat...Yes, he's a dude with a cat...GETOVERIT. ;)
The first time S and I started dating, I hated the cat! I used to sneeze, my eyes would water, my nose and eyes would itch, my legs would get red hives,etc. It was CLEARLY obvious that I had a Cat allergy or something. I asked my Mom about it later and she said, " Yeah, when you were a little girl, you were allergic to cats." Great...I'm dating a guy, who has a cat, that I'm allergic to....What am I going to do??" Over time, I would little by little start to get over it, and now I'm completely fine with him! I love that kitty more than anything! He's so funny and such a snob. He ONLY will let S pet him on his nose, will not eat certain things, whines and cries until you pet him, loves to be in an enclosed space, and thinks the sofa has his name on it...Seriously, he's a snob...Have I mentioned how F-A-T he is? He's huuuge..He literally needs to be put on Weight Watchers for Kitty cats or something ;) I found these photos in Sam's phone last night, so I HAD to share them with you!! :) Enjoy! MEOOOW

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