Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Worm...

I have been reading A LOT lately. I love to read...I usually try to read many books over the summer, but I have found that I like to read during the School year, too..Here's what I have read over the Summer months so far...

This was okay. I have read A LOT
of Jennifer Weiner books, but this was
just not my favorite..It took awhile to get into it.
It was a great Summer book though, because
they were at the beach, etc.

This is the first Elin Hilderbrand book
I have read, but I LOVED it!
It was sooooo good! I will definitely be reading
another one of her books! 

I heart Emily Giffin. She is SUCH  a good writer.
I loved this book. I could NOT put it down...

Here is the book I am currently reading and WILL read:

I am reading THIS Emily Giffin book right now.
It is REALLY good so far! I am already on Chapter 12..
We shall see ;)

My sweet,sweet cousin got this book for me for my birthday.
I'm anxious to read it! I love the story line! I will let you know!

I have read almost every book on my shelf, so I need some reccommendations! Please share with me if you have read any good books recently, so I can add them to my list!!!

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