Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday Dinner with the Family...

Last night, we had our Birthday dinner at my parents house. We cooked out, had various appetizers, an AMAZING cake, etc. We had nine people over for dinner and it was simply an amazing evening. We played games all evening, visited with eachother, and joked around. There is NOTHING better than family time! I love it! It was a great way to start my birthday! I got several pictures of the evening, our amazing birthday cake that my boyfriend's Mom made, etc. I also made two appetizers for the guests to munch on while dinner was being fixed. I got the recipes from Pinterest, duh!

We had a great birthday!!!

Appetizers I made yesterday:
I made this awesome Skinny Taco Dip.
It's a wonderful WW appetizer, but it did not taste like it at all!

I also made these stupped Jalepenos! DELICIOUS!

Monday night, it got chilly outside, so I made my famous
Chicken Corn Chowder. I follow Pioneer Woman's recipe a
little, but I add a few different ingredients and add chicken!!

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McV said...

Hello, I'm here from A Classy Southern Wife, can you post the recipe for the skinny taco dip, looks delish!