Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was in the 7th grade at Marion Middle School when I heard the news. I was sitting in Health class, and just about every teacher in the building was out in the hallway discussing it. I really could not understand what was going on, because I simply did not know much about the World Trade Centers..I was scared, though..When I got home and saw my mother crying, I knew...I knew something was wrong. I knew someone had done something terrible, I knew our United States was in mourning, and I knew thousands of people were gone..What I did not know is why...Why would someone do this to us? Why would someone wreck two planes into the World Trade Centers? Why would someone try to destroy the Pentagon?? Why, Why,Why??!!! My heart ached for everyone along the East coast, including the rest of the people throughout our country...Till this day, I constantly remember how I felt, how the people around me felt, and how much it affected everyone...I pray for the families who lost love ones during this time, I pray for the people who dedicated their time to help out in anyway possible, and I pray for our armed forces, who continue to fight day and night to allow me to move freely throughout this land we call home. I love America. I love everything about this place. I thank the Lord for allowing me to live in a place where I have freedom...

As I was driving home this afternoon, I saw this on the screens. Thank you, Tennessee Department of Transportation for showing the consideration and respect our country deserves. I think we should all take a moment sometime today and remember......God Bless America..

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