Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's In/Out this Fall....

If you're like me, you wonder what will be in for the next season...I worry if all of the clothes I bought last Fall/Winter will still be in!  Chances are, some will, but some won't! I was browsing online at all of the new upcoming trends and here is what I found from Glamour:

1. Blazers, Coats, Vests

2. Colors of Mustard! If you can wear this color, you are set!

3. Anything with Polka dots on it!!!

4. Rust color Coats..not sure how I feel about this one??

5. Maxi Skirts

6. Chunky sweaters

7. Slit up skirts

8. LACE! Love!

9. Choker necklaces?? What?? Weird!

10. Plaids

11. Bright Denim

There were several other items on their website that you can check out, but I only included the ones I thought the majority of my readers might be interested in! Get to shopping! ( Just don't wear your Plaid shirt with your Purple denim...) hehe...

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