Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Wishes...

I have not blogged about my Wish list in awhile. I have been spending money in other areas lately. I am an interesting bird, because I will go in spurts. There are times where I am constantly shopping and spending money, but then there are other times where I am not...I sometimes go through phases where I want to SAVE money. My boyfriend will probably laugh when he reads this post.....Here are a few things I have on the Wish list and plan on buying very soon....;)

1. I know many of you are probably thinking, "What in the world?"
I love these! We spend our Summer at the lake and outside
SO MUCH, I need a great pair of outdoor sandals.
I have the slip on Teva sandals now, but I want something
that I can wear like a shoe. We plan on hiking some, too, so
I want something that will stay on my foot.

2. I have been playing Tennis so much lately!
I absoutely love everything about the game of tennis.
It is a great workout, it's super competitive, and I love
the outfits. Which reminds me, I need some tennis skirts!
I ordered a few of these Nike Tennis skirts. I'm anxious
to see if I like them and they are comfortable while playing.

3. You are probably thinking, " Another bike?"
Yes, I fixed my bike up, but it was only for an
inner self thing. I love my Old bike, don't get me wrong,
but I am ready for a new bike, because S and I plan
on going long distances. My poor,old bike just won't
do the trick. I have been eye-balling this Women's Schwinn
700c Hybrid bike for awhile now. I will eventually buy this pretty
in the next few weeks, so I can get started riding. My other bike will
 still be used, but only for  shorter distances and just to cruise on.

Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday! :)

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Tangles said...

This post made me laugh! I always have a "wish list" going. Glad I'm not the only one.

For the outdoor sandals, have you heard of the brand Keen? My m-i-l got my son some and they are so adorable. I asked her if they have them for grown-ups and she said yes. I just worry about your exposed toesies in the Tevas. I'm incredibly accident prone, so Hubs usually makes me wear real shoes (not flips) when we're outside!