Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Headboard Project...

I don't know if you guys read my previous posts, but I blogged about all the fun and exciting projects I had planned for the summer. I was in the process of working on my bike, but it is NOW FINISHED! I am so very excited! It feels so good to start something and finish it. I am now moving on to the next project on my list....A headboard....I have wanted to create my very own headboard for quite sometime now, but being in school and taking 18 hours a semester, does not always allow me to do so ;) I am planning on making the headboard from scratch with the help of my wonderful,wonderful boyfriend! S also helped me with my bike ;)  Here are some ideas that I am thinking about:

I love the idea of shutters for a headboard! It is such a creative and vintage idea! I have a black and white damask comforter now, but I plan to update with a white duvet cover, etc. My accent colors are turquoise and green, but will probably change a few things up as well. I will post pictures of my room very soon, so you can all get an idea about what I am thinking! I'm too excited! :)

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