Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Game of Tennis...

I hope this is me someday...;) ha! S and I have been playing tennis for the past several weeks and I am officially hooked. I LOVE IT! It is a wonderful workout, I love the constant moving, but most importantly, the cute outfits! ha! No, I'm joking, but I do love the Tennis skirts....I have noticed a drastic difference in my Energy level and mood. I feel better, my  clothes are starting to fit loose, and my attitude is all around better! I lost about 25 pounds from Weight Watchers, but wanted to get a little bit more off, so playing Tennis every night has helped tremendously! I am starting to see some difference on the scale, so that makes me a happy girl!!!!! I purchased a new set of Tennis shoes this past weekend, so hopefully it will help some! I cannot wait to start playing in tournaments and doubles with others. S is loving it just as much as me! He has lost about 13 pounds, too! If you are looking for a social sport, but want a great workout, I HIGHLY suggest take up Tennis. You will definitely not be disappointed!

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