Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Brittney, back away from the shoes..."

I did a blog post last week about the Wedge sandals I was interested in and such...I FINALLLY found a pair that I love and cannot wait to get here and start wearing! I do not wear heels very often in the summer, so I do not see the point spending a couple hundred dollars on a sandal that I probably will not wear that often. I shop on a lot, but I happened to be looking at Amazon and found the same sandal for 34.00 cheaper! How cool is that?! I knew that I needed them after that....Here is the sandal:

These are the Matisse Olympic Sandal.
I paid 34.88 on Amazon! What a steal!
I'm so excited about these pretties :)

Next, if you know me in IRL, you know that I'm a Tory Burch addict. I love anything and everything by her. My Revas, Thoras, and the pair of Millers I bought last summer are so freaking
comfortable! So naturally, I broke down and bought the new Miller sandals on her website :)
Here are the two pairs I ordered:

I ordered the Black with the Silver center.

And I ordered the Brown with the Gold center.

I have not ordered these yet, but I'm still contemplating
whether or not I will wear these sandals. They are white, but
I think I would get a lot of use out of them. Whatcha think??

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