Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I have had a WONDERFUL weekend! Hope you guys have, too! I blogged earlier in the weekend about my plans Friday night. Mr. S and I went to dinner and a movie. We had a wonderful time! We loved, loved, loved The Ajustment Bureau. I highhhhhly suggest you go and see it! You will love it! Also, we were not big fans of Cafe Society...I think it was just not the right type of atmosphere for us, but totally fine :) Saturday night, we had a fun birthday dinner for my Mom! She will be 51 on Tuesday! I honestly cannot believe it because she SO does not act 51 or look it! We had wonderful Muddy's cupcakes, filets, chicken, corn casserole, potato casserole, bread, salad, stuffed mushrooms, etc...We were MIGHTY full! She got some fun little goodies for her birthday. She got a White Michael Kors watch and a pair of Brown Tory Burch Revas. She loved them both! It was a wonderful way to spend my Saturday night! We played Scattergories and Yahtzee. Later this evening, I am going to see Unknown with my brother, Mr. S, my brother's girlfriend, and my adoreable cousin...I could not ask for a better family or a better way to spend my weekend! God has blessed me so much! Here are a few pictures that I took of my Mom's Birthday dinner:

My beautiful Mom, the birthday girl!

Mallory and Morgan wearing their Birthday hats! :)

They are being silly!!

My Grandmother, Mr S., Mallory, Mom, and Morgan :)

God Bless,
 Delta Daisies

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