Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Power of Prayer....

We have had a lot of things happen in our country, community, neighborhood, family, etc. lately. Some good things, and some very bad things. My heart aches for the horrible catatrosphes that are happening around us and my heart rejoices for all the wonderful things, but we all must remember, this is not our home...Things happen in our lives, so we shall never forget who is in control..The Lord loves us more than you could possibly imagine..There is NO love that is greater! We should all give thanks to our Lord with gratitude for the amount of blessings he brings to our lives! Sometimes it feels as if everything is going wrong, or that you cannot possibly keep up, but you can...He gives us more than enough strength and power to keep going...No one can take your faith away at the end of the day...That in itself, is something to be thankful for...I believe in the power of prayer and I want to ask for you to please pray for these groups of people if you believe in prayer...

1. Lucy Krull and family...This sweet angel was diagnosed
with a terrible brain cancer. She lives in Covington, TN with
her wonderful family who is staying so strong! Please continue
to pray for this sweet,sweet family in this time of sadness.
Lucy is a 5 year old little girl who has more strength and
faith than I could ever possibly have! She is my hero!

2. The people of Japan are suffering from a terrible Tsunami
they had Friday morning. My heart aches for these families
as they try to carry on and put their lives back together.
They need lots of prayer and help as they rebuild
buildings, homes, etc. Hundreds were killed in this
tragic incident..God be with you..

3. Libya is struggling, y'all.. Gaddafi is destroying their
people day after day. He is bombing hospitals, etc.
My heart truley aches for these people...I cannot
imagine living in a place where you struggle day in
and day out for freedom..The people of Libya need
your prayers and love today and days to come...

God Bless all of these familes, people, countries, communities, neighborhoods, etc...

Delta Daisies

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