Monday, March 28, 2011


Striped t-shirts, Striped jackets, striped blouses, etc....Stripes are in, people! I love it, because it is so classic, southern, and they go with just about anything. Most of you know, I do a lot of my shopping online, so I have seen nothing but stripes everywhere. I am still in school, so my Summer wardrobe consists of items that I can throw on to go to class, the pool, or babysit. I like light dresses, linen, flowy t-shirts, etc. I very rarely where wedges or heels in the summer, because I'm more about comfort during the day. I'm not a HUGE fan of Forever 21, but I am here to praise them with their clothing this Spring and Summer. They have made several pieces that I love,love with stripes! I'm going to share a few things that I have found and plan on purchasing for my closet. Enjoy!!

I would pair this with white jeans or white shorts. So cute!

This is a light yellow. My hair is red, so I have to be very careful
with the color yellow, but this would be adorable!

I love to layer! I'm the queen of layering. I would layer
this with just about any solid tee and skinny jeans.

Same goes for this one. I would layer and pair with skinny jeans.

This is a great everyday top to throw on with skinny jeans or shorts.

I think this striped dress is ADORABLE! I would pair it
with a cute sandal during the day, but would more than likely
wear this dress at night and dress it up.

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Alaka said...

I'm not a huge Forever 21 fan either but I love that dress! So adorable!!!