Monday, February 7, 2011

J.Crew collection...

For awhile I have been very,very dissappointed in the lines that J.Crew has been coming out with. I am not a fan of the rugged and dirty look. I am very anxious for Spring and Summer to get here, so I can wear dresses, sandals, etc. Last summer I honestly think I bought ZERO items from J.Crew, because I was so disappointed in everything they had. I was browsing the other night on their site, got my magazine in the mail yesterday, and was pretty shocked to find several cute Summer dresses that I plan on purchasing to wear. They are casual, comfy, but cute all at once! Although they still have a tonnnnn of ugly things in the catalog, I found a few dresses that will be added to my collection very soon :) Here a few items that I found!

What do you all think?? Do you feel the same way about J.Crew lately? I hope it gets better :)
Have a great day!

God Bless,
Delta Daisies

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