Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 22: Favorite City

I am from a small town in Arkansas, but have been near Memphis my entire life. I love Memphis, period. I love the atmosphere, food, environment, people, weather, etc. I can honestly say that I am Memphis' biggest fan. I plan to stay here the rest of my life, raise my family, and make it an even greater place to live! If you have never been to Memphis, I HIGHLY suggest everyone to make a long weekend trip to see what it is all about :) Here are a few pictures of what Memphis is ALL about:

Memphis BBQ

Beale Street in Downtown Memphis

A view of the river over Downtown Memphis

Memphis Blues

The beautiful Downtown Memphis!

What is your favorite city??? Have you ever been to Memphis?? :)

God Bless,

Delta Daisies


Melissa said...

I live in the Memphis area and we definitely have the best bbq!

memphis belle said...

born and raised in Memphis. Memphis has THE BEST bar-b-q. I now live in Nashville but everytime i come home I always go eat at Brad's Bar-B-Q (in Bartlett) which in my opinion has the best bbq sandwich in the memphis area. It's way better than Interstate, Corky's, and Rendezvous

memphis belle said...

oh, i'm also a new follower. I love your blog.