Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 20: Nicknames

NICKNAMES! I love them! Anyone who knows me knows that they will have a nickname before long :) I have always grown up with a family who gives nicknames, so I guess it is in my blood! :) I feel like it is friendly, gives you a sort of connection to that person, and can often times be a memorable nickname or "inside joke." Having a name that is verrrrrrryyyyyyyyy common, like Brittney, often ends up with lots and lots of nicknames. When I was little, my family called me Britt Britt. I have also heard through the years: Britt, Bitt Bitt, B, RedHot ( for having red hair) , Sister Bell, and my NEW nickname, Pebbles! S has started calling me that and I love it :) Just so sweet! Hope you enjoyed reading about my nicknames over the years! Did you have nicknames?? Do you like them?? :)

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