Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 12: What you Believe

Day 12: What You Believe....

Instead of me just rambling on & on about what I believe in, I'll just do a list! It will be much easier ;) Enjoy!

1. My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
2. Always put your "significant other" first and your realtionship/marriage will last a lifetime.
3. Happy Wife = A Happy Life =) ( When Mom is upset, the whole house is upset. )
4. Everything Happens for a Reason...
5. Daisies will brighten anyone's day.
6. A bowl of ice-cream really does soothe a broken heart...(Been there, done that...)
7. Always tell someone you love them...You never know when you'll get that chance again..
8. Shoes are a girls bestfriend...Your size never goes up! ;)
9. Treat others the way you want to be treated...
10.  One true friend is better than a million untrue friends...
11.  Smile...It will always make you feel a little bit better..
12.  Never go to bed in an argument/fight...
13.  Forgive & TRY to Forget..Holding grudges only burns a hole in yourself...
14. Push yourself to do great things...When you think you've had enough, push a little more..You'll be suprised ;)
15.  Sing in the shower with the radio turned WAY up...there's nothing better in the world ;)

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