Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We were out of school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so several teacher friends and I headed for Mexican Tuesday night. We had a good time! I wish my pictures wouldn't have turned out so red.
I love getting to teach with my best friend.

I love my teacher friends. 

Fun night!

Wednesday night, I spent allllll evening cooking. I made this pumpkin biscoff bundt cake and it was delicious. I'm not a baker, so I was a little nervous about it, but it turned out beautifully!

I tried a new carrot casserole and looovedddd it. I made this roux before layering the casserole and it made my entire condo smell wonderful!

After cooking for four hours, I finally sat down and enjoyed my sleepy time tea while finishing up the Grizzlies game! We won! woohoo!

 Thanksgiving morning, I finished making a salad and casserole for our lunch. I threw on my J.Crew pixie pants and new leather pocket tunic. I wanted to be comfortable, so I could eat more! ha!
J.Crew leather pocket tunic
J.Crew pixie pants
Frye Jane tall boots
J.Crew statement necklace 

 Mom's table was just beautiful. I love everything about her dining room table. We had a wonderful, wonderful meal.

Thursday night we had a photo shoot with the Dos Equois man. My parents have a statue of him in their garage. Too funny!

Friday, I enjoyed getting a little laundry done and watching Christmas movies. I also enjoyed some yummy leftovers. Leftovers are always a good idea.

Saturday night, we had a retirement party to go to. Our friend, Curtis Person, has been the Juvenile Court judge for 40 something years and has decided to retire. Memphis will miss him! I opted for a black jumpsuit and swing jacket. 

Vince Camuto black jumpsuit
Kensie swing coat

 After the party, we were home by 9:00 and decided to make homemade popcorn and play cards. We watched a couple of movies and enjoyed just being at home! It was a fun date night at home.

We love playing Gin Rummy. Unfortunately for Sam, I beat him each round. ha! 

 Saturday, we got up and got ready for the Egg bowl game. It was a fun day! We beat Mississippi state and I was oh so excited! Hotty Toddy!

I wore a Gap outlet favorite, but mixed up some patterns 
for a fun outfit! 
J.Crew buffalo blue vest
Gap navy/white stripe dress
Zara plaid scarf
Cowboy boots

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Christmas is around the corner! 

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Tess said...

Don't you love the long break?! All of your outfits were on point but I loved your thanksgiving look the most!