Monday, November 24, 2014

Scenes from our Weekend

    We had a great weekend! It was pretty low key, but I enjoyed it because I know this next week is going to be full of plans!
    Friday night, We were both exhausted from such a busy, busy week, so we kept it simple and grabbed some dinner to go from across the street. It was downtown dining week in Memphis this past week, so we grabbed some steaks from Bardog across the street and came back home. We watched a movie in bed and fell asleep around 9:30. It has been glorious to not do much on Friday nights because I have my long runs on Saturday morning. There is nothing worse than being tired and trying to get in miles.

   Saturday, My day started with eight miles with two of my best friends. We are all running the half together, so it was awesome to show them my route that I run downtown. It's much more fun and enjoyable to run together. We were able to talk and enjoy the weather. After we got in our run, Tara and I headed to do a little shopping. We had the American Red Cross Charity ball that night, so we wanted to wear something new. We both found some great things and headed home to get ready. Sam got home a little after me and we both enjoyed relaxing and watching the Ole Miss and Arkansas game, which we! We had a great time Saturday night with friends, but all were exhausted the next day.

   Sunday morning was full of clouds, rain, and wind... We were going to do brunch with friends, but decided to stay in and watch Christmas moves. I was so happy that we did. We ordered in take out, watched a few Christmas movies, got laundry done, and ended the night with a movie in bed. It was super nice to wake up Monday morning refreshed and ready to start my day.

  I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Thanksgiving is here and I'm ready to eat and celebrate with friends and family!

Tara, me and Kenzey at the American Red Cross ball.

Me and T.

French Connection green blouse
Mink leather skirt
Spanx tights
Vince Camuto leather booties
Tory Burch leopard clutch. 

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