Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scenes from our Weekend.

     We had a pretty good weekend! Friday night was pretty low key. Sam and I tried dinner at a new restaurant in Midtown, Strano Sicilian bar. It was pretty good all in all, but the wait was ridiculous. I don't know if the bar was behind, but it took us forever to get a cocktail. I had the salmon entree, and my husband had the sea bass! Both were really, really good. We started with the butternut squash soup and I couldn't rave about it enough. After dinner, we both were tired from a long week, so we stopped by Redbox and headed home. I had a long run the next morning and he had to work, so we didn't want to do too much. We hopped in bed to start a movie and were sound asleep by 9:30. ha! It was gllllllorious!
        Saturday morning, Sam got up and headed to work, so I bundled up and headed out for my extra long run. It was super, super cold, but I know I will be running in the cold in December, so I might as well get used to it. It ended up being an ammmmmazing run. I paced myself really well, so I guess I just had more energy. I was also not on a time schedule, so I was able to go as fast or as slow as I wanted. When I was through, I headed to my parents for vegetable soup and coffee! It was exactly what I needed after being in the cold for two hours. Saturday afternoon, I headed home to finish up chores around the house before heading to our favorite, The Majestic Grille, for dinner and drinks. We sat at the bar because we wanted to watch the Grizzlies game. It was a fun night and I of course, paid for it the next day, but I didn't care!
       Sunday, we got up and lounged around and finished up chores to start the week. It was suppppppper cold and rainy, so we stayed in and Sam fixed spaghetti. We watched the Broncos game, but that was a pitiful,pitiful loss. After a much relaxation day, we got in bed at a decent time. I hate starting my week tired and exhausted! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

After my long run, all I wanted was COFFEE!

I ran into this sweet girl Saturday night! Had fun
catching up with her husband and sweet sister in law.

We love Bethany! Her band is so, so awesome! 

Mom's yummy vegetable soup.
It never disappoints. 


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I'm trying to talk myself into going to a body pump class in a half hour. It's in the single digits here today and the thought of going out in the cold again... I haven't been to the gym in a week b/c of the cold. Enough excuses!!

I love your skirt. Where did you get it?

Katie Elizabeth said...

In bed by 9:30 sounds like my idea of a perfect Friday night now, too! Oh, how things have changed :)