Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Booties Love.

6pm is not good for me. I am constantly browsing their website. Their warehouse is in Lexington, so I always know if I order something that I will have it in a day or so. I have about four pairs of booties hanging out in my shopping bag right now. What I love about their website is it tells you how much you are saving and how much the percentage off it is. I don't feel so bad when I buy something because I am saving money, right?! :) HA! I had to share some of my favorites with you...

I know I need to narrow it down and just purchase a couple, but I honestly would wear every single one of these. They are all practical for work and play. ( At least I keep telling myself that! ha! ) 

1 comment:

Katie Elizabeth said...

I want them all, too!! Loving the Kate Spade pair.. those might be my favorite :)