Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Books to Read.

I love to read. Maybe that is why I am a reading teacher. HA! Anyway, I'm sure many of you have been talking about Gone Girl and The Fault in Our Stars. I have read both, so definitely add those to your list if you haven't read them. I wanted to share a few books with you that I love and then I'm asking for suggestions! :)
Books that I loved:
1. I read Gone Girl and LOVED it. I still have not seen the movie yet because I don't like to fight the massive crowds at the movies when they first come out. It is finally calmed down some, so Sam and I are going this week to see it. Cant wait! I have heard it is wonderful. 
2. I read this book in a day. It is a super easy read, not long, and doesn't take a whole lot of thinking. Although it is short and easy, it's SUPER, SUPER sad. I FINALLY watched the movie the other night while Sam was working late, but BOY OH BOY. I was a basket case after it. It was just SO,SO SAD. I loved it, but if you aren't in to watching something sad, don't order it!
 3. I adoooored this book. I have read every single Emily Giffin book, and she is by far my favorite author. Although a lot of people did not like this novel, I loved it. Maybe it is because I can relate to it or whatever, but I just did NOT want the story to end. Sam and I have a 13 year age difference, so maybe that is part of my love for this story, I don't know, but if you love a GOOD love story, buy it. I promise you...

4. I just finished this story. It took me a little while to finish it because school started back and everything got hectic, but things are finally starting to slow down, so I have time in the evening to read. It's such a TRUE story. It's a story about what women are going through on a day to day basis, and how women often turn to prescription pills and alcohol to solve their problems. I loved it. It is so different than any other Jennifer Weiner book I have read.
6. I meant to read this Elin Hilderbrand story in the summer because all of her novels are such good summer reads. I ended up reading the four above and never got around to this one. I am starting on it now! So far, it is really good, but I will let you know. Most of her stories are good, so I'm sure this one will be, too! :)
Suggestions on Books:
Now that I gave you my suggestion list, I am ASKING for suggestions! I love to read in the fall and winter. Please send me ideas or novels to download. Here are a couple I was thinking about... Let me know what you think...
Just because I read Gone Girl, I am so intrigued with Gillian Flynn now. Have any of you ever read these other two books? They sound so good!

Jodi Picoult is a great author. This one sounded pretty good, too!
I can't believe I have not read this yet. I have heard so many great things about it! 


Tess said...

I've read a lot of these books and had very similar thoughts to you, except I didn't love The One and Only. And I thought All Fall Down was a scary and sad and truthful look at a lot of women in this world.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

"The Rathbones" (magical!), "All the Light we can not see" by Anthony Doer (beautiful), "Euphoria" by Lily King, "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline