Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Running Life

I am so excited to announce that I have officially signed up for TWO half marathons! I am blown away pumped! Originally, I was just going to sign up for the Midsouth Championship one in Wynne, Arkansas because I thought for SURE the St. Jude one would be sold out. They released the sign up fee this morning, and to my surprise, I was able to register! The two races are four weeks apart, so I know it is not a lot of time in between, but I plan to take it easy and slow in Wynne. I want to save all of my energy for the St. Jude half! I am back up to four miles, so I will have PLENTY of time to train!
Another girly and giddy thing about these two races is that I will be a MARRIED woman when I run both. I HAD to sign up as Mrs. Haynie! It's just too much fun not to, right? :)

I have also signed up as St. Jude Bronze hero. I have to raise
$500.00. If you are willing to donate, I would greatly 
appreciate it! Your donation is going to an amazing
 cause to help support children all across the world. 
Your generous donation would mean the world to me 
and everyone else who have ties with St. Jude!
 (Click on the link below, if you are interested in donating.) 

Thank you again! 


Katie Elizabeth said...

Woohoo! Love St. Judes - such an amazing cause! Good luck with your training!

Kelly said...

That's great! So proud of you...it's pretty cool entering your new name in the last name field!