Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Dinners

Here are our weekly meals from the week! Hope you enjoy! :)

Go To Breakfast EVERY MORNING:
A lot of you asked me to share what I eat for breakfast. Because
I work full time, it is nothing exciting or elaborate, but I love it.
Eggs and an avocado are my favorite things in the world. 

Monday Night:
Tacos with Black Beans
I got home late Monday night, so I whipped up some tacos.
I had some tortillas to use up, so I used those. I also cook with
ground venison a lot because it is leaner and healthier than 
beef. I also substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream. I threw in
some black beans with re fried beans and they were pretty good.
Top the tacos with part skim cheese and lettuce and you
have a quick, easy meal! It's not the HEALTHIEST, but much
lighter and healthier than tacos at a Mexican restaurant, etc. 

Not Yet Summer Greek Pasta Salad 
with Cured Roast Beef sandwiches
This was amazing. I picked up some orzo pasta from the store the
 other day. I started searching for a recipe to make and
came across this one. It is amazing! I added in a can of crab meat
 because Sam always wants meat with our dinner,
so that really is the only thing I changed!
I also made some roast beef sandwiches to go with it!
If you have never tried the 35 calorie sugar free wheat bread,
you really should! It doesn't taste bad at all and much
healthier for you!

Spinach & Roasted Tomato Frittata 

I love making these. I change up the recipe every
now and then, so we don't get burned out. They are
so healthy, too! I can mix everything up in a bowl,
throw it in a baking dish, and let it bake while I'm
doing other things around the house. I added in
 some ground turkey sausage to the recipe, so
that's the only thing I did different! :)


Tess said...

That orzo side salad looks delish. Also - I try not to eat a lot of bread or sandwiches (besides the fact that I had a bagel last night for dinner! Whoops) but when I do, I use Ezekial bread. You should check it out. It's about 75 calories a slice but it is SO healthy for you and very very filling.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of your blog for awhile now and your weight lose is an inspiration! I look forward to your weekly meals. It is so helpful! Thank you!

Katie Elizabeth said...

This just made me so hungry. I should probably figure out what we're going to have for dinner tonight, haha. Everything looks delicious!