Friday, February 21, 2014

Sam's Birthday Celebration!

Sam got home around 5:30 Thursday night to find several gifts and a 9 layer Strawberry cake from Frost. If you live in the Memphis area, I highly suggest that you check them out! I bought an entire cake that feeds up to 20 people. Granted, there was plenty left over, but he'll be able to take it to work and give to his secretaries, etc. Our favorite is the Strawberry cake and if you have never had it, it is life changing.  Sam is a chocolate lover, but when it comes to cake, he wants strawberry... I can't say I blame him because I'm not a chocolate lover. Anyway, we opened his presents, had a glass of wine, and headed off to dinner! We dined at Interim, one of our all time favorites. I had the chicken breast and Sam had the pork chop! It was superb! We had a fun night celebrating him! :)

My outfit to school on Thursday
Ignore the white legs. It is definitely time for a spray tan.

This was from Thursday night, but had to throw my girl Meredith
on the blog. We workout together and I just adore her.
We had a great evening at Local downtown with a little wine
and an awesome tuna salad.

Sam's awesome cake, birthday card and gift cards, and his candles.

I love this man more than life! 

How scrumptious and beautiful does that look?

This is totally not on my diet, but I don't care. It was worth it.

Happy Birthday, Sam! I hope it was a great 39th birthday! 


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That cakes looks like a slice of heaven! YUM.

Katie Elizabeth said...

That cake looks amazing!! Happy Birthday to your guy! :)