Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fish Taco Bowls

Tuesday night, I made Fish Taco bowls. I am on a gluten free, diary free diet for two weeks. I wanted to stick to strictly meat and veggies for a couple of weeks to see how my body handles it. Although this recipe calls for rice, Sam had rice and I just left the rice out of mine! They turned out great!! Here's the recipe: 

I have been making black bean burgers for lunch and just topping them with a little salsa and avocado!  So,so good!!! 

Tuesday was NATIONAL WINE DAY! Of course, it's National Wine Day for me everyday. ;) 

Sam calls my pours, "Brittney pours." :)

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Cecelia Murphy said...

Rice is gluten free, girl! Eat up the brown stuff. 😊