Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Randomness

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I wanted to fill you in on a couple of outfits, etc. I have a race tomorrow morning! My friends and I are running in the Pumpkin Run 5k! I am super pumped! The weather is finally starting to get nice around here.... Have I mentioned how much I LOVE FALL? ;) I have been selling my clothes like crazy. I'm finally to the point where I HAD to go buy jeans this past week. I also bought lots of tops. I  just have NOTHING that fits. It is so nice to finally be back in my size I wanted to be. I still want to go a little further, but now my job is to start toning everything! ha! 
Kensie Top
J. Brand legging jeans
Frye Jane tall boot

Kensie top
Gap boyfriend jeans
Gap leopard belt
Target brown suede booties

How awesome is my new Under Armour
rain jacket? I LOVE IT!
 And I wanted to also share this picture with you.
Left was Summer 2012
Right is October 2013
Major difference, huh? :)
45 pound difference
I hope this was motivation for some of my readers.
You can do it!!!!


Sarah said...

The Pumpkin Run is always so much fun! We're going to be in Tupelo this weekend, or I'd be there, too. I love that race route- good hills. (Although last year I was a smidge on the hungover side and I cheated on that last loop!)

Your progress has been awesome. Definitely motivating to know that it IS do-able with some hard work and determination!

Anonymous said...

You look so great!!! Congratulations on these fantastic results! And you are so smart to make these life changes in your 20s -- setting yourself up for an even more fabulous 30s! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxoxo

Kristin said...

That transformation is amazing!! You look marvelous. I admire you for being able to get back to the size where you want to be. I would love to lose 15 or so pounds but my schedule is so crazy that it is so hard to fit in the gym! And i would love to go running but I feel like I would look like a moron.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Thank you for the encouragement!!!