Friday, October 11, 2013

Healthy Appetizers

The holidays are approaching us quickly!  Which means: lots of parties, bad food, and drinking. If you're like me, I love to host events! Nothing makes me more happy than having people over for dinner parties, throwing cook-outs, or just hosting get togethers. I am already planning several events this fall/winter. I want to offer a variety of different foods  because not all of my friends eat pork, chicken, beef, etc. I ALSO want to keep it semi- healthy! You're probably thinking, " what!?! It's the holidays!" Yes, you are correct, but there is no sense in blowing the whole holiday season out of the water. You have to make smart decisions. If you drink: stick with vodka and soda water. Your wine and beer are full of calories. Also, if you know there are only going to be finger foods and appetizers, eat BEFORE you go. That way you are less likely to make poor decisions. I usually have anywhere from six to seven holiday parties I attend every year. Some are sit down dinners, some are drinks and hor d'oeuvres, others are just BYOB.... Yes, I have attended parties where it was simply just drinking.. Ask me later about those kind of parties, ha! After losing 40 pounds, I just REALLY don't want to blow my success all in a matter of few months. Now am I trying to tell you that I will gain all 40 pounds back in two months?? Well, no.... But I am telling you that it's SO easy to get off track and let it sneak up on you again.. Don't be in that percentage of people.... Be a success story... Not a story that fell and gave up over food and drinks.... Remember one thing: FOOD IS FUEL. With all of that being said, I wanted to share a few appetizers and finger foods I plan to try over the holiday season.

Guacamole Brushetta

Cucumber cups stuffed with crab
Crostini with prosciutto, goat
cheese, and fig jam.
Veggie sticks with home-made ranch dressing

Creamed spinach stuffed inside a portobella mushroom

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