Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Running and Such

Running has been at the top of my agenda lately! I never thought in a million years I would say that, but I needed to up my cardio with all the weight training I was doing.. So far, I am up to 5 miles! I know that doesn't sound like much, but considering I couldn't run a mile a year ago, it's a big step for me! ha! I have run in several races over the last couples of months and plan to run the Cooper Young Festival 4 miler this Friday night with a friend! I am not an expert on running or anything, but if I can give you one tip it's this: BUY RUNNING SHOES! GET FITTED FOR THEM! It makes ALL the difference in the world! I have been wearing the Mizuno Waveriders for the last three years and I LOVE them. I refuse to wear anything else. It also helps if you have someone that motivates you. A friend of mine runs with me on the weekend and it helps SO much! We talk, listen to music, etc., It makes the time go by fast and it also helps keep my mind off the pain, ha! ;) I plan to start training for a triathlon in the Spring and hopefully run the half or full St. Jude next December. I'm sure if I am already running 5 miles now, a half marathon will be nothing by then...We'll see! Here are  a few pictures of the past several races I have ran in!
St. Jude Chickfila 5k
I love my running buddies!

We supported our friend Ellie at the 5k!
She had a brain anuerism recently, so we
definitely kept her in our minds during the

This 5k was back in JULY! HOTTTT!
We ran a 5k to support Ellie.
Love my girls!

Gotta love the cow!

I wanted to also share some running clothes that are favorites of mine. I know a lot of girls who can run in little bitty shorts and sports bras, but that's not me! I have the hardest time finding shorts that I am comfortable in while running. Mainly because they ride up, too heavy, hot, etc. Lu Lu Lemon has always been a favorite of mine when it came to jackets, leggings, pants, etc. I never really "worked out" in their clothes until I started exercising in January. I am hear to tell you that I refuse to run in ANYTHING else...First, let me say, the tops don't make much a difference to me...I love their tops and buy them, but I don't HAVE to run in them...I mainly shop there for their bottoms. Here are a few items that I am obsessed with!!

This is the Race Mod Crop..
I LOVE THESE! They don't move
and have a draw string and zipper
compartment in the back. Very comfy!

Back view!

These are the groove shorts.
My friends who work at Lu Lu Lemon
in Memphis swore by these, so I bought one
pair and gave them a shot...I am obsessed now!
I refuse to wear any other shorts! ha! ;)

Back view of shorts

I don't know about you, but I don't think
there is anything cuter than this right here.
I never thought in a million years I would
be able to run in a running skirt, but I love it.
It has shorts underneath and sticky grips
on the shorts, so they will stay down. I have
this color and the white. It's also nice that it
comes in tall, so I bought the tall so it would be
a bit longer. I plan to buy the black one when
they get more sizes in. :)

How adorable is this?!
I'll leave you with this.... ;)


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Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I'm dying over those run shorts and skirt!! Have you tried GAP workout clothing? I think it's just as nice as Lulu...