Monday, April 22, 2013

Recipes Galore

I know I have been gone for a minute, but somehow I have managed to still get in the kitchen! Go figure! ;) I am so excited about the warmer weather, fresh veggies, fish, etc. Enjoy! :)

Monday night dinner from last week:
Salmon baked with some different seasonings, lemon, & olive oil.
Fresh green beans steamed with a little bit of olive oil and butter
Uncle Ben's wild rice in a pouch.

Tuesday night Dinner:
Salmon with a balsamic soy reduction sauce.
 (Email me if you would like the recipe, it is easy! )
Argula salad with an olive oil base dressing and a little feta
Sauteed squash with a little olive oil and white wine
Asparagus spears baked and wrapped with prosciutto. so good!

Wednesday night dinner:
Goat cheese side salad
Salmon filet with different seasonings and some fresh

The goat cheese was so,so good!
I bought some fresh goat cheese from Costco.
I dipped it in an egg white/egg mixture with
a few different seasonings, then breaded it with
some Panko crumbs! It was delicious!



Morgan Neal said...

Yum! Love goat cheese!

Valerie Griffin said...

oh i love goat cheese! i'll have to try this!