Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap..

We went to the lake this weekend. We had a great time! It was very, very relaxing. Friday night, Sam and I headed down. We stopped in Como, Mississippi to eat at Como Steakhouse. It was SO good! If you live in the surrounding area, you MUST go. Saturday, everyone else arrived. We loaded up the boat and headed out on the water. It was so nice to enjoy the sunshine! Saturday night, we all got dressed and went out to dinner. I love spending time with my family. We always have the best time together. When we got back to the lake house, we watched Midnight in Paris...I did NOT like it at all..It was very slow and not much of a story line..oh well... Sunday morning, we got up and fixed a huge breakfast. We hung out awhile and shot some of Sam's new hand guns. When we arrived back in Memphis, Sam and I had a lot to do! We have gotten a new realtor and are looking forward to getting the condo sold! We cleaned out closets, organized them, and got them ready for the realtor. We are anxious to see what he tells us on Wednesday. I also "spruced" the place up some and added some flowers! :) Over-all, it was a great weekend. It was very, very relaxing....

I love the lake.

Morgan, me, Mom

at dinner :)

I added an iris to our kitchen table.

The condo looks so Springy!

I forgot to blog some photos from last Sunday! Sam and I enjoyed our Sunday out in the sun! :)

at dinner :)

love my S.

Sunday Outfit:
Theory Dress
T.J. Maxx button up
Louis Vuitton handbag
Tory Burch Thora Sandals


Morgan Neal said...

You look amazing. And SO tan! Did you cut your hair? It looks like it's shoulder length in that pic with S! So cute! We need to catch up! Miss you!

Faith said...

I just adore your hair! You look amazing! Love the outfit you wore!