Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer Must Haves

I love this time of year! I am gearing up for Summer time! I love spending the weekend at the lake, grilling out with friends, Redbirds Baseball games, traveling, reading a lot, playing tennis, and relaxing. During the school year, I stay busy, busy! I look forward to winding down and doing a lot of R&R over the break. This summer, I will be gearing up for a J-O-B! I hope that I can find a teaching job come this fall! I will be attending quite a few workshops and spending a lot of time getting my classroom together.  I WILL relax some, but it will definitely be different than the summers in the past. Until then, I want to share with you some of the "things" I CANNOT live without through June, July, and August...

1. Summer Dresses
I cannot tell you enough how HOT it gets here in the summer.
I cannot stand to sweat, so a dress is my only option during
this time of the year. During the day, it will usually get over 100
degrees. I honestly do not see how people can wear pants/denim.

2. Linen
I adore linen. I will wear anything that is linen.
I love linen pants, linen shorts, linen dresses, etc.
It usually takes the place of my dress pants and denim
in the summer time. I love that linen is super flowy, so
I usually never get hot when I wear it. Also, if you
have an office job, where you HAVE to wear dress
 pants, linen is a great substitute because you
can dress it up!

3. I love Aveeno's Positively Radiant Moisturizer.
I love wearing this stuff in the summer.
I will never leave the house without it on!
It's light, airy, and keeps my face from burning
in the hot heat. I also love it because it gives my
skin a radiant glow, so lots of times, I will not
put any face makeup on.

3. White Wine
If you know me in real life, you know I am a
red wine drinker. I love my Cabernet.
Unfortunately, I cannot drink red wine in the middle
of summer time, especially if we are outside at a
cook out. I usually will order a white wine when we
are out to dinner. It's definitely not my favorite, but it
is a lotttttt cooler ;)

4. Fish
This somewhat goes along with why I drink more
white wine in the summer. I LOVE any kind of fish
in the summer time. I love it all the time, but ESPECIALLY
enjoy it more throughout June, July, and August. It is super
light and wonderful with fresh veggies. Sounds crazy, but
I cannot eat a heavy steak and potato in the summer.
My favorite fish: Red Snapper, Halibut, Grouper, and Salmon.

5.  Cute Ponytails
I have long hair, but you will never see it
down much in the summer. I wear it up A LOT!
I am constantly looking for cute ponytail styles.
If you know of any, please pass them along!

This is just a short list of what I cannot live without in the summer! What are some of your must haves?



Morgan Neal said...

And cute coozies:) lol!

lil desiqua said...

I love that Aveeno moisturizer!! So light and airy- and contains SPF! i think the only thing I add to my must-haves are some sunglasses!! I got a pair last year from Anthro on sale that I love!

Great list!

Mrs. Robinson said...

You must have SO much money...gah. haha. My summer "must haves" is a much shorter list...mostly full of boring stuff like paying the bills on time, maybe squeezing in a date night once a month. haha

Lauren said...

I am all about some Aveeno Moisturizer! It's the perfect addition when all the other options seem SO heavy!

K-Fun said...

Girl I am WITH YOU on all of these!!! (Minus the fish... sorry! haha!) Dresses, ponytails, linen, and the ever fab Aveeno moisturizer! (Though I'm not blessed to have great skin, so I'll definitely have makeup on too! haha!)

Oh yeah - and DUH... the WINE of course! :-)

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Amanda said...

Yup, these are all summer must haves! Now if only it felt like summertime here... Still in the 50s, but what can you do? Oh well :) Happy Monday, Britt!

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