Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Florida Recap #6

Today was our last day in Florida....:( It was cloudy, rainy, and chilly, so we headed out to the Outlet malls and had lunch at The Backporch. We had a great day! I did a lot of damage in the Ralph Lauren Polo store, J.Crew, Gap, and Old Navy. We are definitely taking back MORE than we came with.

I guess you can say that my shopping trip was successful.

Our seafood nachos at The Backporch.
They were SO good!

Last night, we stayed in. We are leaving
early in the morning to head home. We
ate a ton for lunch, so I stopped by Publix
and grabbed me a sushi roll...It was my dinner ;)
We enjoyed good company, red wine, tv, and relaxing!

We had a WONDERFUL trip! I am looking forward to getting back on my scheldule, but will seriously miss Florida. I hope I get to come back again this summer! 


Pamela said...

looks like you had a good trip!! you should do a little clothing haul! I love seeing what other people find at outlets! :)

Caroline said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the last day. Love the Backporch!

Tess said...

Your trip sounded like so much fun - and you're going to have to show us the goods inside those many bags!!