Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap..

We had a WONDERFUL, but very busy weekend! Thursday night, S had another work Christmas party, so we got dressed up for that! It was at the Botantic Gardens in Memphis, it was very nice. It was fun to catch up with everyone and enjoy some cocktails and good food! :)

IEC Christmas Party

Friday night, S and I spent our evening at Felicia Suzanne's where we had an amazing dinner. It was so nice to spend the evening together and enjoy a nice glass of wine :) EXCITING NOTE: S BOUGHT US TICKETS TO SEE COLDPLAY IN WASHINGTON D.C. IN JULY!!!! I am beyonddddd excited. I was planning on buying them for one of his Christmas presents, but he pulled a move on me! I thought we were going to keep the anniversary gifts very small, just because Christmas is around the corner, but of course, he did not follow directions ;) I love him...He's so generous and sweet..I came up with a sentimental idea off Pinterest. I gave him 12 pre-planned date nights for the year of 2012. He loved it! He said," I'm very excited to open them up at the beginning of each month! We met up with my parents for a drink after dinner, but did not stay out too late because I knew it was going to be a very long weekend! Unfortunately, I did not get ANY pictures of us! Sad face...

Saturday morning, I woke up and got some things together for our extended family Christmas party. ALL of my family was in town for the weekend, so we went ahead and did our big family party. We had a wonderful time! It was so nice to see everyone and hang out. My Grandmother did a WONDERFUL job on all the food. She is BEYOND the best Grandmother! ;)  Saturday night, we had a wonderful time at Christin's family Christmas party. It was a WONDERFUL time. The drinks were tasty, the food was exceptional, and the company was outstanding. Long story short, S and I did not make it back downtown until 2:30 a.m....Oops ;) I found a dress on sale at Macy's Thursday, so I wore it Saturday night..I'm glad I bought one, because the cute BCBG dress I ordered did not come in! BOO! 

If you know me in real life, you know I
love WINE...RED WINE...My aunt is
TOO funny...She showed up with a
mason jar that had a stem on it! I love it!
I wish I had a set of these! :)

Terrible photo, sorry!!
The dress is black with an elastic waist,
but has lace sleeves. It's super cute in person!
The brand is Bar III. I wore this to the Christmas
party on Saturday night.

S and I at the Christmas Party..I paired the dress with
tights, black boots, and a faux fur vest!

Christin and her husband.

Fun friends! :)

Christin and her mother look JUST alike. S fell in love
with her mother! She was SUCH  a good hostess!

We ended up heading over to Christin's house
after the party to hang out for a little while longer.
The boys were sitting at the kitchen table.

Sunday morning, S and I headed to my Grandmother's house again for some breakfast. Everyone was still in town, so we enjoyed a few hours with the family before they headed out. It was such a wonderful morning! I caught a few pictures of these sweet babies:
My cousin had twins about seven months ago.
James Carter & Jacob Christian are their names.
They are BEYOND sweet...They are SO good!

I caught a picture of S holding Carter...
He is the most LAID BACK baby ever!
He literally did not move the whole time
S was holding him...Natural, eh? ;)

Sunday night, S and I had a relaxed date night! I have been wanting to see New Year's Eve, so we headed off to Memphis Pizza Cafe for some pizza then to the movies! It was SO cute. I might have teared up in some parts ;) Over-all, I had a WONDERFUL weekend. It was super busy, but I loved every minute of it! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. :)


Katie said...

I love the anniversary gift you came up with...I love the idea of pre-planning dates, and the gift lasts all year :-)

Lauren said...

Sounds like a fab weekend to me:-)

You've received a versatile blog award:

Turtles and Pearls said...

I love your Bar III dress! So cute on you. Same with your fur vest. I have to get one to try out, but I haven't yet!