Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This and That..

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! Mine has been pretty busy! I started my run on Monday and was pretty excited! I am training with Hal Higdon's plan, so this week, I am required to start out at 1 mile and work my way up. Saturday runs will be considered my "long runs." On Tuesday and Thursdays, I will simply bike a few miles or something....Just to stay active..I am really loving it so far. My run was slow, I had to stop once, and my shins started hurting at the end, but that's okay..I'm out of shape..I have a long way to go...I'm okay admiting that to myself. I never in a MILLION years thought it was going to be an easy ride. I plan to purchase a few items this week for running gear, but I also purchased the Nike + GPS on my phone and I love it. It kept up with my distance, time, and pace. I plan to go get an arm band tomorrow, so my phone is not jumping around in my pocket...My distance on Monday was 1.03 miles and my time was 13:25. I also kept a pace of 13:00. VERY SLOW, but it will get better. I knew it would not be good, but I'm okay with that right now :) I just wanted to see how my body was going to react to the running. 

Anyway, I love finding steals on Ebay, Amazon, etc. I was currently looking around on Ebay when I stumbled across this adorable dress..

This dress is BCBG and retails around $200.00
I want something to wear to a Christmas party, so I'm
hoping it will be here by this weekend. Guess how much
I got it for!!!? 35.00! Yep...sure did ;) Jealous, right? ;)

I also ordered this Nathan water bottle off Amazon.
Several of my friends run with these, so I thought
it would be a good investment ;) I'll let you know
how I like it!

I am also loving this stuff right now....


Sunkissed and Southern said...

i run slow too. im going to try to do that 10k on nye & the most ive ran so far is a little over 5. i run 5 miles in one hour, so thats about the same as your pace. i keep thinking, its a marathon, not a sprint!!

kaitlin said...

oh what a bargain on that snazzy dress! I have one of those water bottle hand thinga ma jigs too! I have a love/hate relationship with it depending on how far I am running. Keep on running girl! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

Way to go, Brittney! Keep it up! I ran 2.5 miles non stop at the gym today. Haven't done that since I was 16! haha We can do this!

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Love that dress! That popcorn is like crack I swear:)

Shabbychicdiva said...

LOVE the red dress! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower
:-) Have a great night! Winona